Car Removal Lake Macquarie Services

Did you know that when you have an unwanted car in your yard, you are not keeping the environment clean and safe which is much needed today? The soil in your backyard will be facing pollution from rust and fluids that may spill out of the car.

To avoid this and the safety issues that would come with a car just sitting there, it is important that you consider car removal Lake Macquarie services. With us, you will free up your space and get the car disposed in the most environmental-friendly manner.

The good thing about getting your car removed by us is that we are professionals. You can be sure that with us, you will get your junk car removed without paying and instead you are given money for allowing us to take it away.

We tow away any kind of automobiles such as vans, trucks, Utes and cars among others. For the vehicle to be disposed, our team follows all the laid out practices to ensure the best for the environment. The parts that can be recycled are kept aside while those that cannot are separated for the right disposal including recycling.

Your Local Car Removal Service

At Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal we operate across a large area. From up to Port Stephens, our west in the Hunter Region and all the way south to Central Coast areas, we provide first class car removal services.

Contact us today to find out what cash we can offer you for your Lake Macquarie wreck.

Every Part of the Car Is Disposed In the Right Way

With our car removal Lake Macquarie services, every part of the car is disposed in the right way. Some of the parts are used recycled to produce steel. These metals are used in various ways such as engineering works. And what cannot be recycled is dismantled and resold in other ways. It is important that the environment is well sustained.

Before we come to pickup your car and give you money for it, confirm that you have removed all your personal belongings. We would not like to carry them with us because we will end up disposing them off. Check in the trunk, glove box, under the seats and everywhere else just in case something is on the floor, or in the CD player.

You have a totaled, wrecked or salvage car somewhere in your compound and it has not been easy to get rid of it. Operating across Lake Macquarie and nearby Cardiff, we buy these cars and give you cash on the spot. When we buy your car whether it’s running or not, we take good care of it.

Our practices when offering car removal Lake Macquarie services are environmental friendly which means we play a role in taking care of the environment.