Cash for Smashed Cars

Have you had a car crash recently and don’t know what to do with your ruined car? Fortunately for you, Newcastle Top Cash Car Removals is here to help. We have an experienced smashed car removal team who is ready to come and tow away your smashed car.

Car with front totally smashed in after crashing into tree

Since every car that we collect goes straight to our wrecking yard, we are able to offer cash for smashed cars. We pay instantly at the time of pick-up. Get something back for your car, even if it is completely written off, undrivable and ruined.

We Service Newcastle and Surrounds:

If you are looking for cash for smashed cars in Newcastle including the Merewether area, Hunter, or Maitland, then you have come to the best place. We are able to pay some of the best prices for wrecked vehicles since we are also the wreckers. There is no middleman who takes his cut – you get every cent that your car is worth. If you need a smashed car removed then get in touch with us today!

We will give you cash for any smashed car, no matter the condition.

It doesn’t matter what condition your car is in, we still want it! We will be able to give you a decent price for anything which still has the engine and other main parts intact and working, but even if they aren’t, we will still buy it for scrap metal. We will give you:

  • Top cash for smashed cars, no matter how beat up they are.
  • Cash for burnt out cars, as a result of an accident or otherwise.
  • Top cash for other smashed vehicles.
  • Cash for old smashed cars, even if they are completely rusted out.

Again, it doesn’t matter what condition your vehicle is in, we want to buy it from you!

Free Smashed Car Removal!

Not only do we offer top cash prices for smashed cars, but we have no hidden charges or costs. We will come and remove your unwanted vehicles as soon as we can after you have contacted us, and we will do so in a safe and professional manner.

Our professional teams of smashed car removal specialists are equipped with everything they need to remove even the most beat up car. If it doesn’t drive then don’t worry – we have cranes and other lifting equipment which we can use to load it onto our trucks.

Get in touch now!

If you live in or around Newcastle, Hunter, or Maitland, then we can help you get rid of your smashed car or other vehicle. Speak to our friendly customer service team today to find out how much we will pay for your old vehicles.