Cash for Cars Cardiff

Old and rusty cars are a health hazard to our environment and they need to be disposed of in the most environmentally friendly manner. If you have a rusty Ute or van in your compound, we will give you cash for cars Cardiff in an easy way. We guarantee you the best price in the market when you need to sell any of your old cars.

The Vehicles We Pay Cash For

We pay cash for cars for all types of vehicles. Vans, trucks, utes, buses, excavators, you name it! Also we give you top dollar for it.

You just sit back and watch us take away the car as you count the cash. We buy vehicles that are used, broken, damaged, wrecked, running, not running and even scrap ones.

Considering that we take vehicles in all conditions and we give you cash for them, you have every reason to sell your car to us.

Professional Cash for Car Services

Our extensive experience in the automotive industry and our professional staff are some of the reasons that you should choose us for your cash for cars Cardiff service.  We are well-equipped with car removal vehicles to ensure that we can handle different types of vehicles, including trucks. Our car scrap yard has plenty of room for more vans and Utes, so give us a call today.

There Will Be No Hassle

Selling a van or a Ute that is not in its finest condition can be a hassle. With us, the hassle is for us in terms of getting you money and towing away the car from your home or from its parking.

Since we work 7 days a week, advise us when you would like us to pick up the car. If you have such a vehicle, contact us for a quote. You do not have to pay us anything to get our services.

One thing that you should know as a car owner of a Ute or van is that even if you consider the car as junk, it still holds some value. Our process at cash for cars Cardiff is straightforward thus you do not have to be concerned about being taken around.

Provide us with the details of the vehicle even when it is not registered. Just ensure that you give us the correct details and advise us in advance whether it is registered or not. There is always a way we can help you out.