Cash for Cars Mayfield

So you have a worn-out car sitting in your garage – would you like to keep it or get instant cash from it? Call us now if you’d like to earn top cash from an old car in Mayfield.

We’re Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal and we provide car disposal services throughout all of Newcastle and surrounding regions in New South Wales.

Top Cash for Cars in Mayfield

We buy any type of vehicle – be it a sedan, 4×4, SUV, van, truck or UTE. We’ll take good ones and bad ones, in working condition or not.

We offer free car removal in Mayfield and up to $11,999 in cash for unwanted vehicles. Expect fast and reliable service with instant cash paid on the spot. Don’t let an old, written-off, rusted, or wrecked car collect dust in your garage.

Where are you located?

  • Mayfield
  • Mayfield East
  • Mayfield West
  • Mayfield North

It doesn’t matter. Contact us today and let us offer a good value for your car.

Best Price Offered for Unwanted Vehicles

Regardless of the condition of your car, our team will offer the best price for it. How are we able to do that? You’ll get a larger value because there’s no middle-man cost as we have our own wrecking yard. We’ve been in the business for quite a long time and and that’s taught us the best practices to implement to provide our clients with efficient and safe service.

Our trained professionals are equipped with knowledge and experience in removing all forms and all sizes of vehicles, in any condition. With our cash for cars in Mayfield, you can expect a seamless vehicle removal process and topnotch customer service.

Efficient & Responsible Car Disposal in Mayfield

From top of the line BMWs to an old-model Toyota rustbucket, you can count on Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal to pay top cash for it. All you need to do is contact us and provide us with the following information about your vehicle:

  • Make and Model
  • Fuel Type
  • Odometer Reading
  • Age
  • Condition

Feel free to provide us with more specifics so we can have a more accurate appraisal of your vehicle. Don’t hesitate to ask for a quote even if your car is on its last leg. We offer an eco-friendly and convenient disposal option where you don’t have to spend anything and you can even earn from it. 

Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal can pay you for the viable pieces of your car that can be reused or recycled.  In our own wrecking yard, we’ll take care of the scrap metals and tyres and also responsibly dispose toxic substances like battery acid, brake fluid and other vehicle liquids and chemicals.

We provide cash for cars service throughout Mayfield and surrounding suburbs. We’ll just need a proof of ownership for us to process a car removal service. Our team is ready to collect the car at the time you specify.

No fees, no hidden charges, no hassle. We offer free car removal in Mayfield with instant payment to you! Take advantage of the opportunity to earn from your car by calling us now!