Cash for Cars Wallsend

Have an old, damaged vehicle that is just sitting around in the Wallsend region of NSW? Get in contact with us now for a top cash offer.

We buy vehicles of all makes and models and come to you to remove them, servicing all of Wallsend and nearby Hexham. Old Toyota, Holden, Ford, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, you name it. We buy them all no matter what condition they are in.

We pay the best rates around and give you cash on the spot. Based in Sandgate, we are just around the corner from Wallsend. Need cash for cars Wallsend? Just contact us

Wallsend Car Removal Services

Not interested in getting paid for your wrecked car? No problems, we also offer free car removal services for the Wallsend region.

This is perfect when you are sick and tired of that hump of junk car sitting on your property. Maybe it has been there for years and today is the day you can’t look at it any more.

If it has value we may still offer you something for it, however if it is rusted beyond any salvageable parts then we may not be able to make anything from it if we have to buy it. Give us a call and provide the details, we’ll see what we can do.

Old scrap car that has been dumped ready for collection

Recycle Your Junk Vehicle Today

Make today the day you finally get rid of your junk car. Give us a call and provide us with the details of your unwanted Wallsend scrap vehicle.

An unused car sitting around on your property is not doing anyone any good. Also as it continues to rust it depreciates in value. Not to mention that the paint is deteriorating and is causing the metal to rust. This is a hazard to anyone that may brush past it. If they do cut themselves, we hope they have had their tetanus shots recently.

We have tow trucks ready to collect it today. We dismantle all vehicles for selling spare parts and scrap metal. You junk car will get a new lease on life, plus you will be cleaning up your bit of paradise.

Get in contact with us now for your cash for cars offer.