Cash for Scrap Trucks

Getting rid of your unwanted trucks is not only difficult; it can be expensive and lengthy. Whether you are an individual or run a vehicle business and want to dispose some old trucks, consider using Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal services. We are among the top companies who will remove your scrap trucks for cash.

Get the Best Cash for Scrap Trucks Offer

Do you have a scrap truck you want to dispose? Get in touch with us through our phone number. Discuss the vehicle condition with our team and they will give you the best cash offer. What’s more, we allow you to negotiate the price according to your expectations.

We then narrow them down to establish a middle ground. Our customers come first, and we always ensure that you get the best value for your truck. Your experience with us will be worthwhile.

Top Cash for a Wide Variety of Trucks

Our team is capable of handling different truck makes and models. Whether your truck is a Volvo, Mitsubishi, Daff, Mazda, Man, or Isuzu, we are ready to ready to give you cash for your scrap truck.

What about Spare Parts?

Some clients would like to remove specific vehicle parts for use in future. As car wreckers ourselves we understand this and allow you to do so. However, if this is the case, you should give our team a comprehensive breakdown of the parts that have been removed. This will come in handy during valuation to ensure you get the best price depending on the condition of the vehicle.

Benefits of Working with Us

We handle all paperwork

Vehicle removal requires lots of paperwork mainly geared towards having the necessary clearance certificates as required legally. With us, you will not need to worry about this as we shall take care of it.

We Offer Speedy Vehicle Removal

Once you have contacted us and sealed the deal, we shall come and remove the vehicle on the same day.

We Accept All Vehicles

Whether your truck is moving or not, written off or slightly damaged, we accept trucks in varying conditions.

Our Services are Straight Forward

We do not have hidden charges for our services. In fact, we do not charge you a dime. However, we shall remove your scrap truck for cash.


Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal provides convenient services to you free of charge. In addition, we strive to ensure you get the best value from your truck.