Quick Cash for Cars

Instead of having an unwanted car lying around your garage, why not make instant cash by disposing it? While this is possible, finding the best company to execute the task is a grueling task. Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal guarantees you a fast and satisfactory experience.

We Service Different Regions Enabling you to Receive Quick Cash for Cars

At Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal, we specialize in vehicle removal services. We have our branch offices in Newcastle and service other regions which include; Maitland, Cessnock, Hunter region, Central Coast region, and Port Stephens.

Whether you are a business, or an individual car owner looking to dispose your vehicle, contact us through 0416 271 776. Our phone number operates within working hours. However, our field team is available to serve you anytime of the day. What’s more, we shall pay you instantly to clean up your garage.

Price Flexibility

When it comes to the value of your vehicle, we shall offer you quick cash depending of several factors. We consider the condition of the vehicle. Is it mobile or not? Was it involved in an accident and completely written off? Does it have slight damages? What is the vehicle make and model? What about its mileage? We also put into consideration the existing market rates.

However, we allow you to do your due diligence, research the markets and compare prices. This helps you get the best value for your car. As a company, we are focused on giving our customers a memorable experience. This is why we allow you to negotiate the price.

Professional and Friendly Personnel

Our staffs have gained tremendous experience in this field. This has seen them gain massive knowledge on the best way to interact and deal with clients. In addition, we have taken the initiative to train them on different aspects of customer relations.

This comes in handy to ensure that you receive high quality services. Our team is also well versed with different vehicle makes and models. You, therefore, can rest assured that we shall serve you appropriately whether your vehicle is Hilux, Volvo, Isuzu, or even SUV.


Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal offers you free car towing services. We shall come to your premises with equipment specially designed for unwanted car removal. We give you instant cash for your scrap cars and leave your garage clutter free.