What’s My Scrap Car Worth?

Estimating the worth of a damaged car can be daunting and frustrating. It may be so in instances where you feel that your vehicle has not served you as much as you wanted it to. Or it was involved in an accident and most of its functional properties destroyed.

At Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal, we have devised a strategy which enables you to comprehend the processes of your selling and our buying a damaged vehicle. Before getting the best price for your car, the following factors are considered:

The category under which your Scrap car falls

Before purchasing a car, as a buyer we take into consideration the make, model, age and the condition of the vehicle. Reasons to buy a scrap car vary. Your vehicle may fall under the scrap, salvage or retail classification.

Cars that have met their end of life are generally called scrap. They are deemed to be unfit to drive, old and not worthy of the price for repairing them. They are mostly stripped of their parts and then recycled.

The vehicle’s weight, valuable parts, and catalytic converters are the factors used to determine the price of scrap. The heavier the vehicle, the higher the value. If parts such as alloy wheels, body panels, engines, and gearboxes are still new, then the value of the scrap vehicle will also be higher. The materials used to make the car’s exhaust system are known as catalytic converters. If their value is high, then your scrap vehicle will be worth more money.

The period under which your scrap vehicle has stayed non-functional

If you are not using the car, waiting longer to sell at a stipulated time might decrease the value of your car. Cars like other machines deteriorate faster when not in use. Also, note that the parts that deteriorate quickly are the most valuable. Rubber parts of the car may become brittle. Seats may crack as well.

As everyone knows, most unused cars are often left outside. The weather will quickly damage them more so. So if your vehicle got into an accident or for whatever reason you decided you want to sell it, it is important that you do not let the weather reduce its value by letting it become more damaged. Sell it as soon as you can to get a higher price for it.

Is your car still drivable?

Did you know that a drivable car doesn’t need towing? Some towing companies charge a ridiculous amounts of money when picking up your car. Even if the car is considered scarp, if it can be driven or is still functional, you will get a higher price for it.

Why are you selling your car? It is the most critical question you need to ask yourself. That way, when a price is suggested, you can decide if this price will suit your needs. If not you can continue to look for another buyer.

Get the Best Price For Your Scrap Car

Here are Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal we have you well looked after. We offer top cash prices and provide free towing for all types of vehicles. Fully functional or not. Find out what your scrap car is worth today by giving us a call or completing our online contact form.