How to Choose a Car Removal Company

The internet is filled with car removal companies, where a simple search of ‘car removal’ will give you a list of businesses who offer services such as scrap car, junk car, and old car removals. Not all of these companies, however, are committed to providing quality services to meet or exceed your expectations.

Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal stands out from the rest for our customer-focused service and high prices for scrap, junk and old cars in Newcastle and the surrounding areas.

Our customers have various priorities, such as free towing services or great customer service. In other cases, our customers have sentimental attachment to their vehicle and will only accept an honest value before they part ways. Whatever your priorities, here’s what you need to know before you choose a company to dispose of your car.

Know the Company’s Reputation

When choosing a car removal company in Newcastle, make sure it has a good reputation. If you want prompt, honest and high-quality service, you should gather as much information as possible on the business before engaging. You should also fully understand the extent of the services and quote, particularly if towing is included for free.

A reputable company will be transparent and willing to share information about customer experiences on their website. You can also make a referral request in person, asking current and past clients in your vicinity about their experiences. This information will tell you if you can anticipate fast and efficient service or unprofessional responses and uncoordinated service delivery.  Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal is one of the leading vehicle removal specialists, and we pride ourselves on transparency and high-quality customer service.

Know the Company’s Pricing

We know that our customers want real value from their car, which is why you are considering using a car removal service. The amount you will be paid is a crucial factor to confirm before agreeing on a company, so be sure to collect detailed quotes from multiple options.

If you are in the Newcastle, Hunter, Maitland or surrounding areas, it is rare that you will see a car removal company offering up to $11,999. At Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal, we do, and our expert staff can provide you with a quote over the phone or via our online inquiry form. Of course not everyone will get offered such a high amount. It is all about the cars worth. To get your quote, simply call now.

Know the Company’s Assessment Process

Be cautious of businesses who are quick to give quotes over the phone without listening for details on the vehicle. Such quotes are likely to be low to allow for the risk of blind quotes. Instead, engage with companies who take the time to listen to your vehicles specifics. These businesses are more likely to provide fair diagnosis and pricing.

Take Your Time

Before you engage a company for car removal services, take your time. Scrutinise the company’s reputation, prices, and fairness in assessments before deciding on a company to remove your old car. After all your decisions we hope that you will choose us. We know we offer the best service and fairest prices around.

The Ultimate Guide to Spotting Reliable Toyota Wreckers

Toyota has established itself as one of the largest and most reliable car manufacturers today. The vehicles are known for their resilience and economy, and reliable Toyota wreckers are built on the same foundations.

Here’s a guide to help you spot a reliable Toyota wrecker:

Find Your Local Toyota Wrecker Specialist

The best Toyota wreckers have yards in strategic regions around Australia. If you are from Newcastle, Hunter, Maitland, Cessnock, Singleton, Lake Macquarie, Central Coast, Raymond Terrace or the surrounding areas, Newcastle Top Car Removals are your local service who will offer high prices for any Toyota car removals with free towing to our wrecking yard.

Reliable Toyota Wreckers Have a Good Reputation

Reliable Toyota wreckers have an excellent reputation, generally known for their timeliness, high quality of service, fairness in pricing, and prompt payments. In addition, reliable Toyota wreckers follow the environmental standards of the Toyota manufacturing companies by using eco-friendly disposal methods.



They are Licensed

Car wreckers operate under the stipulations of their State Governments. Reliable Toyota wreckers will always have the necessary licensing required by the state. Specifically, if they deal with second-hand car parts they will bear a second-hand dealer registration, and if they deal with whole or parts of motor vehicles and their accessories either on a wholesale or retail basis, they will have a motor vehicle recycler’s license.

They Offer a Variety of Services

Toyotas are widely acclaimed for their versatility and range, and reliable Toyota wreckers share the same qualities. They can offer a broad range of services, from car removal, wrecking and used parts sales.

Reputable wreckers can deal with a variety of models including Toyota Landcruiser, Toyota Prado, Toyota Hilux, Toyota Hiace, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Rav4, Toyota Camry, Toyota Aurion and Toyota Kluger. They will accept all vehicles regardless of their condition from damaged or old cars, to buses, trucks, and vans. Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal will offer up to $11,999 for your used Toyota.

Spotting the characteristics of reliable Toyota wreckers is not easy. At Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal, we offer all these attributes under one roof, so give us a call today to discuss the removal of your old Toyota.

Why Do We Offer Cash for Scrap Cars?

[dropcap]R[/dropcap]ecent demand for second-hand genuine parts and metal has seen a sharp rise in the demand and sale of scrap cars. Traditionally, car owners struggled to get rid of their unwanted cars, whether by trying to sell them or just leaving them to rot in their backyard.

If you manage to sell your unwanted car, you can get a great amount of money, but if you leave your car to waste away it can have negative effects on the environment and your wallet. At Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal, we found a way to take care of the unwanted vehicles and produce materials for sale at the same time. With this business plan, we have been able to offer our customers cash for their scrap cars.


You  Make Easy Money

We know that dealing with a lemon of a car can be frustrating and we want to take the hassle out of making money for you. Our friendly staff will pay you on the spot when we come to pick up the car, ensuring our service is not only free to use, but you can get the best return for your old vehicle.

You Help the Environment

There is a lot of pollution in the environment we live in today and we strongly believe we should do whatever we can to ensure that no more is added. While you benefit from cash for your scrap car, you can also rest easy knowing our high standards mean you will be helping the environment in a significant way. We re-use the parts we can and the remaining materials will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Convenience For You

We know you have a busy schedule already, without adding the hassle of dealing with the disposal of your car. At Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal, we will come to you, and with plenty of appointments at a time that suits you, it’s easy and convenient for you to book us in.

You Get Your Space Back

One of the benefits of exchanging your scrap car for cash with us is that you get your yard, garage or driveway space back. We all know what an eyesore an old wreck of a car can be in your backyard!

We started our business because we saw that there was a shortage of metal available for re-use and an abundance of car owners who wanted cash for scrap cars. We have built out service on helping you make money while ensuring that we play a role in providing crucial materials to benefit industry and the environment.

Why Choose Car Wreckers to Dispose of Your Car?

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s time goes by, your car may not continue to be practical for your needs. Maybe it is damaged, too old, or constant repairs are becoming costly. Many people think that disposing of a car is difficult, but as car wreckers, the team at Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal make it easy for you.

Using our services to remove your car does not only benefit you, but our practices ensure benefits are felt by other people and the environment as well. There are in fact a multitude of benefits when it comes to selling your car to our wrecking yard.

It Is Environmentally Friendly

When you sell your unwanted car to car wreckers like us, you save the environment from pollutants and harmful chemicals which endanger the land and air. When we take your car, we dismantle the vehicle for all the parts we can and reuse them, meaningless pieces need to be manufactured from raw materials. In addition, we follow environmental standards to break down any materials which can’t be reused.

If these standards aren’t followed, the local soil can be polluted which causes danger to the people and animals living nearby. As licensed wreckers, we abide by responsible methods that will save the environment in a significant way.

You Save Other People Money

A seldom considered fact of using a car wrecker to dispose of your car is that you could save someone else a little bit of money. Buying genuine car parts can be very expensive when compared to second-hand parts. Through the services of Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal, you will help fellow car owners save up to 50% on necessary parts as opposed to having to buy them new.

Our Services Are Convenient

When all options are considered, our services are the most convenient way to dispose of your car. Selling an old car can be frustrating, particularly if you are trying to convince a potential buyer that the car still has value. It is difficult to find the right customer, usually requiring someone who is willing to take a risk on an older car. That’s where we are different – we will always find something of value in your car, removing the hassle and ensuring you make money.

You Make a Profit

Disposing of your car with us means a guaranteed profit. We can assure you that there is at least value in the metallic parts and we will pay cash for them.

In addition to the metal, the coolant, oil, and gas can also be valuable. Our experienced professional staff can assess what is left in your car and compensate you appropriately for it. Our team will then tow your car, free of charge and remove all the important items in an environmentally responsible way.

Provide Obsolete Parts For Older Cars

Many mechanics and car enthusiasts search thousands of wreckers to find a specific part which is no longer in production for their vintage cars. Our trained staff will ensure we take any functioning or repairable part from your car and put it on the market to help the classics live on.

You Get the Best Deal

We know there are companies who will take advantage of the fact that you have no further use for your car in its current condition. At Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal, we assess the value of your vehicle based on its worth, no matter the make or age. We are an authentic car wrecker who can guarantee to treat you fairly and give you the best deal possible.

How to Get Rid Of Your Junk Car

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t’s clear that many people do not know how to get rid of a junk car which may be laying on their property. If you have an unwanted car in your backyard or garage, you might think that taking it to a landfill site is the only way to dispose of it, costing a lot of money for towing without a cent in return.

At Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal, we can provide a more efficient and effective way to get rid of your old vehicle.

Using our service to get rid of your junk car is a simple, hassle-free process and you get paid for your car! All you need to do is contact us and the rest will fall into place.

How Our Junk Car Removal Service Works

If you are wondering about where to start when getting rid of your junk car, contact us and we can get the ball rolling for you. The process is easy and follows these simple steps:

  1. Contact us!We have made it easy for you to reach us via email, phone or on the website. We will ask you to provide us some basic details about the vehicle you want to get rid of and we will get back to you quickly with a quote.

  1. Accept the Quote! Once you are comfortable with the quote, we will start preparing the paperwork. Our knowledgeable team follow all the legalities and ensure that you need only sign the paperwork when we come to pick up your car to minimize the time impact on you. Note: To comply with legal requirements, we can only liaise with the owner of the car. Please ensure the person we are talking to is the legal owner of the vehicle, and their name is in the title.



  1. Schedule an Appointment! Our friendly team has many and flexible appointments to fit into your busy schedule. Speak with one of our staff to find the most suitable time for our tow truck to attend and collect your vehicle.


  1. We Take Your Car! Our staff will arrive as scheduled to collect your car. On the day, all you need to do is sign the paperwork as agreed and collect the cash. You can also ask our pick-up team any questions you may have.


  • All done! The car is now our responsibility, so enjoy your extra space and money.

Get Cash for Your Unwanted Cars

[dropcap]P[/dropcap]erhaps you have a car that no longer runs and you have no idea what else you can do with it. When it’s not worth fixing, Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal will buy it from you. We will help you turn your unwanted car into cash!

Whilst this might sound too good to be true, we know the value of the individual components of your car and we will offer you cash for your unwanted vehicle. We have grown our business by buying old, disused and broken cars and our clients keep coming back because we offer competitive rates with great customer service.

We ensure we are honest and transparent with you by providing a competitive quote via phone or email before we attend. We pride ourselves on understanding the value of your car and making an offer based on quantifiable prices. Our friendly team is easy to contact and discuss your needs.

Why You Should Choose Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal

  • We know that having unwanted cars around your home can be stressful and we would like to help alleviate that worry. Our services make it easy to get good money in exchange for your vehicle. We will remove the car from your premises and pay you cash on the spot.


  • Our friendly team is easy to deal with and ensure the sales process is stress-free for you. Our services are simple, offering you cash for your unwanted car, with reliable and honest rates.


  • We use your car for scrap and spare parts, meaning that regardless of the condition, age, make or model of your car, we are happy to buy it from you. For us, it’s never an “unwanted car”!


  • Our experts at Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal make it convenient for you, providing quotes as quickly as possible and working flexibly to fit your schedule. We pay cash on the spot, meaning you don’t have to wait for or follow up on your payment.



  • Our services are 100% free. The whole process from quote to collection is complimentary and our professional staff will guide you through from start to finish.

Our friendly and experienced team make it easy for you to turn your unwanted car into cash. With our simple process and competitive prices, we will give you the money that you deserve. We are always on the lookout for new “unwanted cars” at Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal, so don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email now.

Rows of cars, 4WDs, vans and other vehicles half stipped for parts in wrecking yard.

Looking For Car Wreckers near Me?

When looking for a car wrecker near you, there are normally 2 reasons for this.

  1. You need to get rid of a vehicle, and selling to the wreckers is an  option you are considering; OR
  2. You are looking for spare parts.

If you own a car that is already out of production, you can attest that it can be quite hard to get genuine and affordable parts. The good news is that you do not have to spend a lot of money to get that quality accessory. All you have to do is search for car wreckers near me.

As Newcastle wreckers we buy old cars that are either running or not running that still have some quality parts and remove these parts before we wreck the rest of the car. We ensure that the parts are in top shape which assures you that they are usable. The prices are quite affordable and will be usable for years to come.

As Car Wreckers Near You We Provide:

  • Best Local Car Removal Services

With our wrecking yard in Newcastle we provide a car removal service where we pay cash for cars and remove them free. With our fleet of tow trucks and industry connections we service all of Newcastle, Hunter region, Central Coast and all suburbs in between and around.

  • Parts For A Wide Range Of Vehicles

We understand that there are different types of cars in the market and by this; we ensure that you can get basic car parts and accessories for a wide range of vehicles with us. This is through buying different types of old cars.

Whether you have Ford, Toyota, a bus or a van that you need genuine parts for, just by searching for car wreckers near me, you will find us – Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal as your most trusted and well stocked option.

  • Rock Bottom Prices for Spare Parts

Who wouldn’t like to save some money? Check for the car wreckers near me, you will be getting genuine parts at rock bottom prices. With this option, your car will not be grounded because of budget constraints. The cost of defective parts will not lead you to using public means.

  • All Types of Accessories at Affordable Costs

It is all about saving and getting quality accessories. At Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal, you get accessories such as top bars, font bull bars and mag wheels among many others at a pocket friendly price.

Searching for car parts and accessories for cars that are already out of production can be stressful but this does not have to be. Dealing with a variety of cars, at Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal, we do our best to give you the most genuine parts at affordable prices.

Most of those that have checked for car wreckers near me can attest to it that it has been easy to get the desired car accessories with us. Your car will no longer give your problems due to some defective parts.

Looking For Scrap Car Dealers? Choose Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal

There are plenty of scrap car dealers that can give you cash for cars but there are things that make Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal an extra-ordinary dealer. There are factors that our customers consider when they are doing business with us and these are factors that cannot be compromised.

We Offer Top Cash

When a car owner starts searching for cash for cars near them, one factor they consider is the value they are given. Whether it is a car that is still running or it’s a junk car, the amount you get in exchange matters. We offer top cash for all makes and models no matter what the condition. Also we provide a hassle-free process.

Convenience at Its Best

We come to you which means you do not have to travel to our offices looking for scrap car dealers. You do not have to leave your workplace or home to sell your car for scrap. Our team is available seven days a week and will come to you at your convenience.

Once we agree on when to come and collect your vehicle we then tow it back to our Newcastle wrecking yard for dismantling and recycling.

Seven Days A Week Availability

We know that some car owners work in shifts while others are available only on weekends. At Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal, our team of experts is available at any day of the week to offer you the best scrap car dealers service.

Our Services Are Quick

Based in Sandgate, Newcastle we service all of the Hunter region, up to Nelson Bay in North, and Lake Macquarie and the Central Coast in the South.

Time is of the essence and we will not keep you waiting for a quote or pickup. Being the best scrap car dealers in the region, we make our services fast and efficient. We will be there at the scheduled time.

Licensed and Insured

You can relax knowing that your scrap car dealer is not only licensed, but we are fully insured. In this, you will be comfortable that we are authorized, skilled, experienced and that we are insured. One good thing about being insured is that if you or our team member is injured during towing, you will not take responsibility for this.

Free Towing

Good scrap car dealers ensure that a great service is a priority. At Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal, this is one of the ways we assure you maximum profit and great experience when you sell your scrap car to us.

At Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal, we are committed to offer you the best of service and having considered all the factors that make good scrap car dealers, we ensure that we adhere to this. You are guaranteed of 100% satisfaction.

Quick Tips to Spotting the Best Hyundai Car Removal Company

When your beloved Hyundai has had its last roar, it’s only fair to give it a decent send-off. This is a job you can only entrust to the best and most creative Hyundai car removers in town.

Dealing with a professional Hyundai car removal company can transform the process from taxing to enjoyable. They know more than just wrecking a vehicle. They’ll provide a broad range of services and professional counsel on the mechanical and structural aspects of the car.

We aim to be known as the best Hyundai car removal company in Newcastle. We’ll give you fair and objective assessments, great money saving opportunities and back our promises with action. Most important we sustain our reputation with excellent client relationships.

Here are a few quick tips to finding the best Hyundai car removers

The Best Hyundai Car Removal Company Should:

1. Provide A Broad Spectrum of Services

They offer an array of services. As Hyundai wreckers and car buyers, Newcastle Top Cash Car Removals provide the best options for your stalled Hyundai as well as several other services in a one-stop shop. Some of these services are:

  • Professional Motor vehicle Assessment
  • Old car dismantling
  • Smashed car removal
  • Removal of old trucks and buses
  • Removal of 4WD, vans and business vehicles
  • Removal of damaged cars
  • Cash for junk and scrap cars

2. Have Efficient and Reliable Automobile Removal Administration

The best Hyundai car removal company also value their customers. They provide efficient and reliable administration, where clients enjoy significant savings and cut out unnecessary hassles. They do this by extending the following:

  • Proficient customer care services and are available round the clock through various channels.
  • Fair assessments
  • Instant payment upon agreement and signing
  • Easy accessibility and support of a courteous relationship with customers
  • Accurate quotes for unwanted vehicles

3. Provide Excellent Money Making and Money Saving Opportunities

When it’s time to get rid of your unwanted Hyundai, look for where you will get the highest quote and spend the least amount on its removal. We for example, have this principle at the center of our operations. We’ll pay up to $11,999 for any unwanted car, and if you are in located in Newcastle, Hunter, Maitland, Cessnock, Toronto, Lake Macquarie or surrounding areas, we’ll top up with free towing.

To conclude, once you’ve spotted a Hyundai car buyer with these qualities, move fast and engage their services. They’ll transform your experience from draining to exciting. Ready to get rid of your Hyundai? Give us a call now.

How to Get Quotes from Junk Car Buyers Near Me

Newcastle and its surroundings have many junk car buyers. If you live in these areas, you may be thinking, “How can I get a quote from junk car buyers near me?”

It’s quite simple, most of these junk car buyers provide quotes over the phone or via the company’s website. But they don’t just give quotes blindly. You have to give them some vital details. The company reps apply the information you supply them with different tools and use their expertise and experience to work out a suitable quote.

To get quotes from junk car buyers, you are required to gather the specifics of your junk auto, including:

Vehicle Registration Number: This is quick check which informs the junk car buyer whether the vehicle is traceable in government records and if it has any issues such as unpaid parking tickets or taxes. Also, if the conversation is over the phone, the junk car buyer will get a feel of whether they are dealing with the owner of the vehicle.

Odometer Reading gives junk car buyers an excellent estimate of the car’s usage and is a significant contributor to the final value of the junk. Some junk car owners choose to be dodgy and tamper with the odometer reading. Remember, there are laws against such acts which also depreciate your vehicle’s value.

Year of Manufacture, Make and Model: Give the junk car buyers vital information on how old the car is, how marketable its parts are and other attributes of the car such as, its weight and serviceability.

The condition of the Vehicle. This includes information on issues such as the kind of damage the vehicle has, the extent of the damage and status of other accessories such as wheels, seats or car stereo. Also, information on whether the vehicle is operable is crucial. It is important to elaborate with these details because they inform the junk car buyer of the serviceability and additional value that the junk car buyer can draw from the vehicle.

It’s paramount that you be as precise as possible with the specifics of your junk vehicle to make certain that you obtain an accurate quote.

To get the quote, search for junk car buyers near me via Google and narrow down on a few companies. If you are from Newcastle, one of the best companies would be Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal as we offer excellent services and quote up to $ 11,999 for car removals. Always deal with professionals who are fully licensed junk car buyers.