A professional washing a car before detailing.

Preparing Your Car for Sale in NSW | Step-by-Step Guide

Getting ready to sell your car in New South Wales involves more than just putting a “For Sale” sign in the window.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the essential steps to prepare your vehicle for sale, ensuring you get the best possible price in a competitive market.


When you decide to sell your car, the preparation you do beforehand can significantly influence how quickly it sells and the price you receive.

This guide is designed to help you navigate through each crucial step, from legal requirements to sprucing up your car’s appearance.

Why a Well-Prepared Car Sells Faster

A well-prepared car not only attracts more buyers but can also command a higher price.

From ensuring mechanical reliability to presenting a clean, appealing vehicle, every detail counts towards making a positive impression on potential buyers.

Overview of Selling Your Car in NSW, Australia

In NSW, selling your car involves specific legal requirements and documentation.

From providing a roadworthy certificate to ensuring you have all the necessary paperwork, understanding these requirements can streamline the selling process and prevent legal pitfalls.

Step 1: Research and Legal Requirements

Before listing your car for sale, a thorough understanding of NSW regulations and market conditions is essential. This step ensures your selling process is compliant and competitive.

Understanding NSW Regulations for Selling a Car

NSW law requires sellers to provide a Pink Slip or safety inspection report if the car is over five years old. This report certifies that your car is safe to drive, which is a crucial reassurance for buyers.

Gathering Necessary Documents

Compiling the necessary documents is vital. You’ll need the car’s registration papers, service history, and any receipts for repairs or maintenance.

This transparency builds trust with potential buyers and can help facilitate a smoother transaction.

Setting a Competitive Selling Price

Research similar cars in your area to set a competitive price. Consider factors like mileage, condition, and any added features your car might have. A realistic and competitive price will attract more genuine inquiries.

Step 2: Preparing Your Car Mechanically

A car in good mechanical condition is more appealing and can significantly increase its value. Take the time to inspect and repair your car to avoid any hiccups during the sale process.

Scheduling a Professional Mechanical Inspection

Even if you maintain your car well, a professional inspection can uncover hidden problems you might have overlooked. Addressing these issues beforehand is preferable to having a sale fall through.

Addressing Any Mechanical Issues

Repair any issues identified during the inspection. Small repairs can make a big difference in how potential buyers perceive the overall value and reliability of your car.

Checking and Replenishing Fluids

Ensure all fluids are at the correct levels and consider changing the oil if it’s been a while. This step is inexpensive but demonstrates to buyers that you’ve taken good care of the car.

Step 3: Enhancing the Appearance

First impressions are everything when it comes to selling your car. A clean, attractive vehicle not only looks great but suggests to buyers that the car has been well-maintained.

Detailing the Interior

A thorough cleaning of the interior can work wonders. Vacuum the seats and floors, clean the dash and other surfaces, and ensure there are no personal items or odours present.

Exterior Cleaning and Repairs

Wash the car thoroughly, wax it for extra shine, and repair any minor scratches or dents. These steps can greatly enhance the curb appeal of your vehicle.

Deodorizing Your Car

Removing odours is crucial, especially if you have pets or smoke. Use a professional deodorizer or have the car detailed to ensure it smells clean and fresh.

Step 4: Taking High-Quality Photos

Quality photos can make your car stand out in listings. Take the time to capture your car in the best light and from multiple angles.

Choosing the Right Environment and Lighting

Select a clean, uncluttered environment for your photos. Natural light is best, preferably on a sunny day or during the golden hour for the most flattering effects.

Photography Tips for Best Results

Use a decent camera and take photos from various angles, including the interior and engine. Highlight any special features or upgrades that could attract buyers.

Editing Photos for Clarity and Appeal

Adjust the brightness and contrast to ensure the photos are clear and inviting. Avoid heavy editing that might misrepresent the car’s actual condition.

Step 5: Advertising Your Car

Effective advertising is key to attracting the right buyers. Crafting a clear, attractive advertisement can draw more interest and lead to a quicker sale.

Writing a Compelling Car Advertisement

Describe your car accurately, including all the positive aspects and any potential issues. Honesty not only builds trust but can also protect you from legal repercussions.

Choosing the Right Platforms for Your Audience in NSW

Select platforms popular in NSW for car sales, such as online classifieds, local community boards, and social media marketplaces. Tailor your ad to appeal to local buyers.

Legal Considerations in Car Ads

Ensure your advertisement complies with local trading laws. Disclose any significant issues or past accidents to avoid future disputes.

Step 6: Handling Enquiries and Viewings

Once your ad is live, be prepared to handle inquiries and arrange viewings. Being organized and responsive can help maintain interest in your car.

Preparing for Safe and Effective Viewings

Arrange viewings in safe, public locations. Ensure the car is clean for each viewing and have all relevant documents on hand.

Negotiating the Sale Like a Pro

Be open to negotiations but know your car’s worth. Have a clear minimum price in mind and be prepared to explain why your car is worth the price you’re asking.

Managing Test Drives

Allow serious buyers to test drive the car but verify their driver’s license first. Accompany them on the drive if possible, to answer any questions and ensure safety.

Step 7: Closing the Sale

The final step in selling your car involves paperwork and ensuring the transfer of ownership is smooth and compliant with NSW laws.

Finalizing Paperwork

Complete all necessary paperwork, including a bill of sale and transfer of title. Double-check all details to ensure they are correct and fully legible.

Transfer of Ownership in NSW

Notify NSW Transport of the sale and complete the transfer of ownership forms. Both buyer and seller need to submit paperwork to finalize the sale officially.

Handing Over the Keys

Once all paperwork is completed and the payment has been received, hand over the keys. Congratulations, you’ve successfully sold your car!


Selling your car can be a rewarding endeavour, especially when you take the right steps to prepare it for sale.

By following this guide, you’ll not only maximize your car’s value but also ensure a smooth and compliant selling process.

Tips for a Smooth and Successful Car Sale

Remember, transparency, preparation, and proper documentation are your best tools for a quick and profitable car sale. Good luck!

Final Checklist Before the Sale

Before you finalize the sale, review this checklist to make sure everything is in order. Ensure all paperwork is complete, the car is in the condition promised, and you have met all legal requirements.

Where To Scrap Car for Cash

Did you know that you can get compensated for selling your car for scrap? A while back, scrapping vehicles used to cost the owner money.

Maybe you need a newer model, or your vehicle is damaged, getting the right company for scrapping services is of paramount importance. At Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal, we offer you the best deal for your steel.

Top cash for your vehicle is what we are all about. Who knows, you may only need to top up a little cash to get a newer 2nd hand model of your choice. Even better, the deal may be enough to get you a new car.

Why should you scrap your car for cash with us?

If you are located in our large service area of Newcastle, Central Coast, Hunter Region and surrounds we are the car scrappers who come to you. Want more reasons why to choose us?

1. Get Paid Immediately For Your Scrap Vehicle

Our payments are made on the collection day. Once we’ve inspected and reviewed the car details (necessary to make sure that the car details match those given at the quotation stage), what you need to do next is to confirm these details and get your payment.

2. Get Paid In Cash For The Car

You don’t need to deal with bouncing cheques or disappearing clients due to payment failure. We pay in cash and on the spot.  You don’t need to keep on checking the mail to confirm whether the cheque has arrived or not. We pay either with cash or direct deposit into your bank account. Our business services are in demand, such that once we receive your car, the parts are stripped or crushed immediately. We always have clients waiting and for this sole reason, we are able to pay you instantly. Trust us to deliver.

3. Save With Us For Your Scrapping Needs

Leave the towing part to us. Your car doesn’t need to be moved by a towing company. We do it for free; hence you can save a dime. Does your vehicle require any repairs before disposing of it? If yes, we’ve got this covered. We take cars that are written off, non-roadworthy and not even working. We will get your vehicle on our tow truck with our specialised towing equipment.

At the end of it all, our priority is to serve you a quality service for free. All you need to do is call us, and we will be at your service.

What Is Cash For Junk Cars

A junk car is an unwanted vehicle that is not in use any longer. If you’ve used that car and feel it is too old to be driven, it can also be considered junk.

To some people, a car is deemed junk if it is three years old and above. Another thing that makes a car scrap is if it has missing parts, or if they are present they are either misshapen or deteriorated. Other factors that qualify to term a car  as junk is if it is inoperable, has a low value or missing paperwork.

Cash for junk cars is, therefore, a service that exchanges money for a junk car.

At Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal, we provide cash for junk cars.

Do you have a junk car in your yard? We will pick it up for you and pay you for it. We have done it successfully so many times that we’ve grown to be the most popular cash for junk cars company around Newcastle, Central Coast and Hunter regions. The following are some factors that have contributed to our success:

Our Cash For Junk Cars Service Is Professional

Though you may own a junk car, we are interested in it. We are professional junk car buyers and will pay you top dollar.

We have a team of experts trained to serve you with high professionalism. Our machinery experts will pick up your car without causing any damage to both the car (though it’s already a junk) and more importantly your property. We have safety measures put in place, so don’t worry about harm coming your way while the pick up is taking place.

We Have Experience and a Solid Reputation

Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal have many years of experience in this field. Be sure when you come to us, you are not dealing with a start-up. We know these businesses, and we have representatives all over who keep us updated on the market prices for scrap metal, stripped parts and other recyclables. It means that with us, you will have a fair price for your junk car. You can only get these perks with an experienced company like ours.

We Have Friendly and Supportive Staff

We care about your relationship with us. Though you may have endless questions, we will answer them all. We understand that it may be your first time selling a junk car. We will go the extra mile to ensure you are completely satisfied with our cash for junk cars service.

Red car being towed away as part of a car removal service

Make Money with Car Removal Newcastle and Free Up Your Space

There are cars that were once a hit or a car that you loved to a point that you could not sell it for anything. It is lying in your garage or backyard and you just felt the need to let it go. The problem is that you have no idea how you can sell it.

This is not unique to you as there are others like you who have no idea that they can make money with car removal Newcastle services. We remove unwanted cars for you and while at it, we give you money for what it is worth.

Can I Sell a Totally Unusable Car?

What many clients find interesting about us is that we buy cars that are operational and those that are entirely unusable. This means that just because your car has been lying in the yard for years does not mean that it is worth nothing. We will buy it.

My Car Was Damaged in An Accident, Can I Still Sell It?

The answer is yes. We remove and buy cars that were damaged in accidents so you do not have to worry about that. We get clients that are unsure on whether they should call our car removal Newcastle services if their cars have been totaled by accidents.

Even if your vehicle is water damaged or another unfortunate events has occurred. This does not matter to us. We want to clear up your space so you can use it for other things.

Besides Coming to Your Office, How Else Can We Reach You?

Besides coming to our office, we are readily available on call. We know that you have a busy schedule and we do not expect you to bring an in operable vehicle to us. Give us a call and our Newcastle team will come to the location of your car. We then inspect it and give you the money agreed. Then we tow away the car free of charge.

This will not only save you the hassle of towing the car to us, but it will save you the money that you would have paid to a towing company. What more could you ask for if you have an unusable car in your home?

No More Clogged Up Yard

Even if you have several inoperable cars in your yard or you have a huge car in your garage that you no longer need. You feel that they have been clogging up the space, spilling oils and have rusty parts everywhere.

Stop thinking of disposing them and give us a call. We do so in the most environmental friendly way possible. Your most reliable car removal Newcastle company will step in for you. All you need to do is give us a call and we will take care of the rest.

A totally unusable car may not be of benefit to you in any way but we know that it is still worth some money. That is the reason we encourage you to give us a call so that we can assess it and still give you some money for it.

The Lazy Way to Get Fast Cash for Junk Cars

Buying a car is a hassle, particularly if it’s your first car and you took out a loan to cover the cost. Maybe you bought it a while ago and now the car is junk and you need an easy way to get rid of it and make some fast cash. Perhaps you dread the same hassles you went through when buying it.

The good news is that car removal services will take care of the hard work and Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal will offer up to $11,999 for your old vehicle.

Here’s why car removal is the lazy but certain way to get fast cash for junk cars.

You Don’t Have to Make Repairs or Fix the Car

Many ‘Cash for Cars’ services buy vehicles on an ‘as is’ basis. This means you don’t have to be concerned about the state of the car or prepare it for the buyer. The company will perform a quick assessment of the vehicle, check out the bodywork and give a quote based on the recoverable value of the car. They will generally dismantle the car into saleable materials, meaning the condition of the car as a whole is not important to them.

You Don’t Have to Market the Car or Negotiate With Buyers

If you were to sell your car on the open market, you’d have to post ads in the classifieds, social media or other forums to find buyers. Next, the hassle of negotiating with prospective buyers over the value of the car and navigating complex payment terms makes the process even more difficult. To avoid this inconvenience, many car removal companies will visit your premises, evaluate your old vehicle and pay cash on the spot for your junk car.

You Don’t Have to Deal with Complex Legal Paperwork

Car removal companies such as Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal have expert staff who will take you through all the legal details of selling your car. Not only do you avoid the complex paperwork, but you can have peace of mind knowing we are licensed and compliant with all regulations. The only document you’ll need to have is the vehicle title and the license plates.

You Don’t Have to Pay for Towing the Vehicle

If you are in the Newcastle, Hunter, Maitland, or surrounding areas, Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal offer free removal services. This will save the hassle and costs you’d incur if you chose to get rid of your vehicle using other methods. Our friendly staff will attend and remove your car safely, returning it to our wrecking yards where we take the vehicle for dismantling and recycling.

You Don’t Have to Wait to be Paid

Finally, you don’t have to wait for a cheque in the mail. This fact makes our service the easiest and most convenient way to get fast cash for your old car. Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal will act on your call, give you a quote over the phone, visit your premises, pay you cash and tow away your car at no extra cost.

Want Cash for Your Old Truck?

What happens when your truck outlives its useful lifespan? Stop wondering, because at Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal, you need only get in touch with us to get real cash for your old truck.

There are many options around the state to have your truck removed, and you should know there is value in your car, even when it’s no longer useful for you. Many companies can remove your vehicle, however we can offer up to $11,999 and we even cover the towing fee. Surely that is reason enough to get rid of your unwanted truck!

Here’s what you should do if you want real cash for your vehicle:

Don’t Wait Another Day

As soon as you realise the truck has no more use, call us. The longer you take to make the call, your truck continues to age, deteriorate and depreciate. There is no reason why you should continue to store a vehicle which is no longer of use.

One quick call to our friendly customer service team will provide you with an offer for the truck removal. Once you have a suitable quote, book in an appropriate time to pick it up from your doorstep.

Research Companies Who Provide Real Cash for Trucks 

With thousands of car removal companies available at your fingertips, you can easily spend just a little time ensuring you get the best deal. Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal will give you a quote over the phone, needing only a few details such as the truck’s make, model, age, odometer reading, the status of the truck’s title and its general condition. We also offer a hassle-free questionnaire on our site, to which we will respond with a quote.

Our industry varies and whilst companies will give a wide range of quotes, be careful not to make the decision solely on this information. Ensure the company has a good reputation by checking out online reviews and referrals. These reviews will ensure you get unbiased information from people who have used the services.

Keep it Local

All over Australia, car removal companies are vying for your business, many offering real cash for your truck. By using Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal, you keep your money local, and we are passionate about stimulating the local economy. In addition, local companies like us won’t have to travel long distances to get to you, eating into your profit. If you are in Newcastle, Hunter, Maitland, or surrounding areas, Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal will even provide free towing.

Act Now

It’s as easy as that! To get real cash for your truck, make sure you act fast, shop around and keep the search local. Your truck may have outlived its useful purposes to you, but it still has value to us. Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal will offer up to $11,999 for your old or broken truck and tow it at no extra cost.

Getting Cash for Cars in Newcastle (Guide)

Do you have a junk car that you’ve always been meaning to sell, but you have been putting it off because you’re not sure of how to get rid of it?

In Newcastle, there are several car removal companies to choose from, but you should take the time to do a bit of research to get the best rates and find the simplest way to get rid of that old car.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to get cash for cars in Newcastle.

Gather Contacts of Licenced Car Removal Companies

You should start your process with a quick web search of local car removal companies in the Newcastle area. There are a lot of businesses operating, but you should be sure that ones you are considering provide good rates, value customer service, and are licenced and insured.

Be sure to also check out genuine customers reviews to steer clear of any companies with a bad or no reputation.

Prepare all Information on the Vehicle

When you contact a removal company, they will ask you some basic information about your car to inform their quote. To make the process easy, ensure you have these details handy. In particular, you should have information such as the specifics of the title, make, model, odometer reading, body condition, engine condition, interior condition and signs of damage is important in the selling process.

Compare Quotes and Services

Irrespective of the condition of your old vehicle, it still has some value in some of the components and recyclable metal. In most cases, the model and condition of the vehicle will significantly influence its value, however, several other factors contribute to the final quote for a junk car.  The vehicle weight, its completeness, and reusable parts are the most significant factors.

At Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal, we have an onsite wrecking yard meaning we can offer exceptional rates for clients’ cars. Of course you can always seek multiple quotes to ensure you get the best deal, but we know you won’t be disappointed with our offer.

Arrange for the Vehicle Removal

Once you have settled on the company and quote, request for the company to collect the junk car from your property. Be sure to agree on the details though, as many car removal companies claim to offer this service ‘free’, some companies will factor the cost of towing into their quote and pay you less overall.

At Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal, we guarantee free car removal services for anyone within the Newcastle, Hunter, and Maitland area.

Complete the Paperwork and get Paid for Your Junk!

Finally, the part you’ve been waiting for – getting paid! Before you move too quickly, make sure you have a firm grasp on the local laws and regulations of selling a junk car. At Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal, our well-trained and experienced customer service team can guide you in all legal matters.  Also, remember to notify the insurance company and the motor vehicle registrar.

How to Get Top Cash for a Scrap Toyota

Toyota has built a reputation over decades for being one of the most reliable auto manufacturers in the world. The Japanese company has manufactured well over two million vehicles since its inception in 1937 and it’s a significant player amongst global car makers. However, like all vehicles, Toyota’s eventually reach the end of their line and must be retired.

That doesn’t mean the value spirals to zero. You can still get money for your scrap car!

Here are some tips on how to negotiate top cash for a scrap Toyota

1. Search for Local Car Removal Companies

Now that you have decided to sell your old Toyota, your first move should be a thorough search for potential buyers. The simplest way to offload your vehicle quickly is utilising the services of a local car removal company.

A web search is a quick and easy way to find a list of relevant businesses, along with their services, customer reviews and contact information. If you are in the Newcastle area, we are one of the most experienced and professional firms who offer top cash for a scrap Toyotas.

2. Collect Information on Your Scrap Toyota

Your quote will be based on the information you provide to the company, so ensure your details are accurate. For example, you will need to know the age and model of your Toyota. If you are unsure, some popular options include the Toyota Yaris, Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Aurion, Toyota Rav4, Toyota Kluger, Toyota Prado, Toyota Hilux, Toyota Land cruiser, and Toyota Celica. Common vans include the Toyota Coaster, Toyota Hiace, or Toyota Dyna.

Next, take a reading from the odometer and make a critical assessment of the condition of the vehicle in general. Questions to consider include: Are the accessories still in good shape? Is there any visible damage? If yes, what kind of damage and where?

Providing detailed information will ensure the company can give an accurate quote and you can negotiate more confidently.

3. Narrow Down Your Options

From your list, make some calls and filter the options based on customer service, reputation and quote. Be careful to make sure the quote takes into account the collection and towing of your vehicle, which can sometimes be an added cost or deducted from the quote. Read reviews and take note of how helpful the staff on the phone are, as this will indicate how easy they will be to deal with.

Newcastle Top Cash for Car Removal will pay up to $11,999 and we guarantee free towing for clients within the Newcastle, Maitland, Hunter and Central Coast regions. More importantly, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and do what we can to make the whole process easy for you.

4. Make Your Car as Valuable as Economically Viable

Whilst your car is worth money to us regardless of its condition, there is no doubt that any car removal company will pay more for a car that is running. If you have some know-how, make some small repairs where you can to get your vehicle in the best condition possible. Most car removal companies will pay more money for a scrap Toyota that is operable than a stationary one.

5. Close the Deal With Cash in Your Hands

Once you have gone through the above steps and agreed on the sale amount, close the deal with the money paid, in cash, direct to you on removal. Don’t settle for waiting for a cheque in the mail or having to make countless calls chasing after payments.

When you engage with Newcastle Top Cash Car Removals, we pay you instant cash for your scrap Toyota and you’ll have the money in your hands even before the vehicle is removed.

What Not to Do When Disposing of Used Cars in Newcastle

Do you have a used car lying around in your yard and have no idea what to do with it? It’s likely that some of your friends have suggested disposal, and it’s something you should consider.

Newcastle Top Cash Car Removals offer up to $11,999 for used cars in the local area, you could end up with a tidy sum of money for your junk vehicle.

If you chose to dispose of your used car in Newcastle, there are some considerations you should take into account to avoid complications. Without due process you could end up getting poor service or a low quote for your used car. Worse still, you could end up on the wrong side of the law for engaging an unlicensed company.

To avoid these headaches, here are three things you should avoid when disposing of used cars in Newcastle.

1. Don’t Hire Companies who are Unwilling to Offer References

Car removal companies who are reluctant to provide references may want to hide bad reviews from previous customers. Companies such as these are dishonest and won’t be upfront about declining to offer references. They will employ tactics such as providing staged, outdated or arbitrary references.

Other characteristics of such a business might be that they seem too eager to get started on the job, brushing aside your requests for references. To avoid becoming the next in their line of complainants, ensure the company you choose is willing and able to provide honest references when asked.

2. Don’t Settle for a Low Value

Disposing of used cars in Newcastle can provide a good return for you. Newcastle Top Cash Car Removals will offer up to $11,999 for used vehicles. To ensure that you realise the true value of your used car, take the following steps:

  • Don’t engage companies who aren’t clear on towing charges
  • Don’t pursuit a business that is unwilling to put a quote/estimate in writing
  • Don’t bother with companies who have a history of delayed payments

Avoiding these common mistakes will ensure you get the best value for the disposal of your used car.

3. Don’t Hire Companies that are Hesitant to Show their Details

The New South Wales Government is stringent on providing guidelines relating to the disposal of used vehicles. The rules are put in place to combat crimes and ensure the consumer is protected.

If you do business with unlicensed dealers, you will find yourself in trouble with the law. When you are disposing of a used car in Newcastle, watch out for companies who are reluctant to provide details about their business such as a registration, licence or even physical address.

To Summarise

To ensure you are protected from unscrupulous companies, be prudent in your selection of a car removal business. At Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal, we pride ourselves on standing out from the crowd with our excellent customer service, fair rates and transparent business details. You can rest assured knowing that dealing with us will keep you out of trouble!

Why Do We Offer Cash for Scrap Cars?

[dropcap]R[/dropcap]ecent demand for second-hand genuine parts and metal has seen a sharp rise in the demand and sale of scrap cars. Traditionally, car owners struggled to get rid of their unwanted cars, whether by trying to sell them or just leaving them to rot in their backyard.

If you manage to sell your unwanted car, you can get a great amount of money, but if you leave your car to waste away it can have negative effects on the environment and your wallet. At Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal, we found a way to take care of the unwanted vehicles and produce materials for sale at the same time. With this business plan, we have been able to offer our customers cash for their scrap cars.


You  Make Easy Money

We know that dealing with a lemon of a car can be frustrating and we want to take the hassle out of making money for you. Our friendly staff will pay you on the spot when we come to pick up the car, ensuring our service is not only free to use, but you can get the best return for your old vehicle.

You Help the Environment

There is a lot of pollution in the environment we live in today and we strongly believe we should do whatever we can to ensure that no more is added. While you benefit from cash for your scrap car, you can also rest easy knowing our high standards mean you will be helping the environment in a significant way. We re-use the parts we can and the remaining materials will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Convenience For You

We know you have a busy schedule already, without adding the hassle of dealing with the disposal of your car. At Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal, we will come to you, and with plenty of appointments at a time that suits you, it’s easy and convenient for you to book us in.

You Get Your Space Back

One of the benefits of exchanging your scrap car for cash with us is that you get your yard, garage or driveway space back. We all know what an eyesore an old wreck of a car can be in your backyard!

We started our business because we saw that there was a shortage of metal available for re-use and an abundance of car owners who wanted cash for scrap cars. We have built out service on helping you make money while ensuring that we play a role in providing crucial materials to benefit industry and the environment.