Rows of cars, 4WDs, vans and other vehicles half stipped for parts in wrecking yard.

Four Must-Do Actions before Choosing a Car Wrecker in Newcastle

You may have spent several days struggling with the thought of where to take your unwanted car. If you are considering to have it wrecked, it’s important to have the right information on how to go about it. If you are from Newcastle, you could ask yourself, where do I find car wreckers in Newcastle? Which are the reliable ones? And how do you ensure you get a fair value for your vehicle?

As you work your way through the woods, you’ll get many suggestions. But, if you know little about car wrecking, here are the most important do’s before you choose a car wrecker in Newcastle.

Perform a Search For Car Wreckers in Newcastle

It may sound like common sense, but not many people conduct wide checks for businesses when seeking to procure services. We often gravitate to the choices made and recommended by our friends or family. Whereas this is a good place to start, it will cost you minimal time to just Google the words “Top cash Car Wreckers in Newcastle.” There you’ll find a suitable list of companies which you can comfortably pick.

Check their Background and Client Reviews

Now that you have some businesses to check out, you can begin to shortlist them. You may cut down to just a few companies using different criteria, but of necessity, ensure that you scrutinize the reputation of the qualified car wreckers in Newcastle. Check out what other customers have to say about their service levels, are they in good books with the state? And what about their payment history?

Get More Than One Quote for Your Vehicle

As you scramble through the different car wreckers in Newcastle and their qualities, at the back of your head, one question keeps ringing. “Will I get fair value?” To answer this accurately you are best to get different quotes on your vehicle – at least two quotes. Make sure you describe the car’s make, model, age, odometer reading and general condition.

Maybe you already have a quote and now you have landed here. As a Car Removal company we are not specifically a wrecker. However we often offer better prices than many of the wreckers out there. This is due to us partnering with local  wreckers and pushing the value in your direction. We have a solid reputation to uphold.

If your first quote is from us it is still a good idea to get another quote. From here you will learn a few things. Price is important but it is not the only piece of information you should consider when making your decision. For example will the wrecker come to you and remove the car? If they need to remove it there might be a possibility that is done incorrectly and damage may be caused to your property. For this reason and others it is best to find out the full details from your chosen car wrecker when getting a quote. Right down to how quickly you will get paid and how easy the process will be.

Newcastle Top Cash Car Removals stands out amongst local car removal companies and even wreckers in Newcastle by offering up to $11,999 with free towing. From the quotes, you can weigh against the costs you’ll incur and know where you can settle.

Lastly, Ensure You Have the Paperwork Right

Taking care to do the above actions will go a long way in making the transaction smooth. Also, when you decide to deal with car wreckers in Newcastle, it saves you the hassle of scrambling through specific legalities and paperwork of selling a car. Car removal companies like Newcastle Top Cash Car Removals have an excellent team who will do and take you through all the paperwork. However, there’s one document that you will need to provide, the vehicle’s title. Make sure you have it in place as you take the next steps.