How to Choose a Car Removal Company

The internet is filled with car removal companies, where a simple search of ‘car removal’ will give you a list of businesses who offer services such as scrap car, junk car, and old car removals. Not all of these companies, however, are committed to providing quality services to meet or exceed your expectations.

Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal stands out from the rest for our customer-focused service and high prices for scrap, junk and old cars in Newcastle and the surrounding areas.

Our customers have various priorities, such as free towing services or great customer service. In other cases, our customers have sentimental attachment to their vehicle and will only accept an honest value before they part ways. Whatever your priorities, here’s what you need to know before you choose a company to dispose of your car.

Know the Company’s Reputation

When choosing a car removal company in Newcastle, make sure it has a good reputation. If you want prompt, honest and high-quality service, you should gather as much information as possible on the business before engaging. You should also fully understand the extent of the services and quote, particularly if towing is included for free.

A reputable company will be transparent and willing to share information about customer experiences on their website. You can also make a referral request in person, asking current and past clients in your vicinity about their experiences. This information will tell you if you can anticipate fast and efficient service or unprofessional responses and uncoordinated service delivery.  Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal is one of the leading vehicle removal specialists, and we pride ourselves on transparency and high-quality customer service.

Know the Company’s Pricing

We know that our customers want real value from their car, which is why you are considering using a car removal service. The amount you will be paid is a crucial factor to confirm before agreeing on a company, so be sure to collect detailed quotes from multiple options.

If you are in the Newcastle, Hunter, Maitland or surrounding areas, it is rare that you will see a car removal company offering up to $11,999. At Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal, we do, and our expert staff can provide you with a quote over the phone or via our online inquiry form. Of course not everyone will get offered such a high amount. It is all about the cars worth. To get your quote, simply call now.

Know the Company’s Assessment Process

Be cautious of businesses who are quick to give quotes over the phone without listening for details on the vehicle. Such quotes are likely to be low to allow for the risk of blind quotes. Instead, engage with companies who take the time to listen to your vehicles specifics. These businesses are more likely to provide fair diagnosis and pricing.

Take Your Time

Before you engage a company for car removal services, take your time. Scrutinise the company’s reputation, prices, and fairness in assessments before deciding on a company to remove your old car. After all your decisions we hope that you will choose us. We know we offer the best service and fairest prices around.