11 Common Terms Used by Junk Car Removal Companies and their Meaning

Are you looking to sell your junk car? Did you miss out on half of the telephone conversation that you had with the junk car removal company rep? Well, you need not look bewildered anymore.

Few junk car removal companies can boast of well-trained, customer focused and experienced staff like Newcastle Top Cash for Car Removals. Perhaps that’s why fifty percent of the conversation was gibberish to you.

Be that as it may, here’s a helping hand.

11 Common Industry Terms Used by Junk Car Removal Companies
  1. Junk Car: Also known as a clunker or a scrap car. This is an automobile that is severely damaged, needing repairs would cost more than its value.
  2. Abandoned Car: A stationary automobile that has been “left unattended” by its rightful owner. It is common to see several such vehicles abandoned along city streets or in compounds where tenants move but leaving behind a non-operational vehicle. These are usually taken up by state or local council authorities.
  3. Junk Car Recycling: This is the process whereby an inoperable motor vehicle that is not economically sound to repair is recycled and disposed of.
  4. Cash for Cars Buyers: These are individuals and enterprises such as junkyards, car removal service providers, motor vehicle component recyclers or car wreckers who pay cash to purchase old cars and junk cars. Junk car removal companies also fall into this category.
  5. Buy Junk and Used Cars for Scrap: This is a specialty service offered by an automobile recycler, junk car removal companies and car wreckers who buy unwanted, inoperable and abandoned vehicles and takes them through the process of recycling.
  1. Cash for Junk Vehicles: When an automobile has lived beyond its useful lifespan, in other words, it has reached “the end of its life” and is no longer worth servicing. Cash for cars buyer will put a price to it and remove it.
  2. Junk Car Removal: Is the process in which an abandoned, damaged or inoperable vehicle is transported using specialized equipment from the proprietors’ site to the cash for car buyers.
  3. Curb Weight: The dead weight of a scrap vehicle or junk car excluding passengers or the driver but including most of the vehicle’s components.
  4. Free Towing: Upon reaching an agreement to exchange a junk car for cash, the cash for cars buyer arranges for the junk car removal. This is often done by contracting automobile towing companies which charge a hookup fee and levy a rate for each loaded kilometer. However, junk car removal companies such as Newcastle Top Cash for Car Removals include an incentive of free removal in their operating regions.
  5. Junk Car Quote: The estimated cash that a junk car removal company will pay you for an automobile that is either inoperable, severely smashed or abandoned.
  6. Vehicle Title: This is the official document issued by the state that indicates authentic details of the vehicle’s owner, the dates of ownership, and mileage. It is a mandatory requirement to legally sell any car, new, used, or junk for cash.

Whether you have grasped these terms, you can still have a productive conversation with experienced reps in companies such as Newcastle Top Cash for Car Removals and get top dollar for your junk car. If you are in our service area of Newcastle, Hunter region or Central Coast please give us a call now.