Why Choose Car Wreckers to Dispose of Your Car?

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s time goes by, your car may not continue to be practical for your needs. Maybe it is damaged, too old, or constant repairs are becoming costly. Many people think that disposing of a car is difficult, but as car wreckers, the team at Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal make it easy for you.

Using our services to remove your car does not only benefit you, but our practices ensure benefits are felt by other people and the environment as well. There are in fact a multitude of benefits when it comes to selling your car to our wrecking yard.

It Is Environmentally Friendly

When you sell your unwanted car to car wreckers like us, you save the environment from pollutants and harmful chemicals which endanger the land and air. When we take your car, we dismantle the vehicle for all the parts we can and reuse them, meaningless pieces need to be manufactured from raw materials. In addition, we follow environmental standards to break down any materials which can’t be reused.

If these standards aren’t followed, the local soil can be polluted which causes danger to the people and animals living nearby. As licensed wreckers, we abide by responsible methods that will save the environment in a significant way.

You Save Other People Money

A seldom considered fact of using a car wrecker to dispose of your car is that you could save someone else a little bit of money. Buying genuine car parts can be very expensive when compared to second-hand parts. Through the services of Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal, you will help fellow car owners save up to 50% on necessary parts as opposed to having to buy them new.

Our Services Are Convenient

When all options are considered, our services are the most convenient way to dispose of your car. Selling an old car can be frustrating, particularly if you are trying to convince a potential buyer that the car still has value. It is difficult to find the right customer, usually requiring someone who is willing to take a risk on an older car. That’s where we are different – we will always find something of value in your car, removing the hassle and ensuring you make money.

You Make a Profit

Disposing of your car with us means a guaranteed profit. We can assure you that there is at least value in the metallic parts and we will pay cash for them.

In addition to the metal, the coolant, oil, and gas can also be valuable. Our experienced professional staff can assess what is left in your car and compensate you appropriately for it. Our team will then tow your car, free of charge and remove all the important items in an environmentally responsible way.

Provide Obsolete Parts For Older Cars

Many mechanics and car enthusiasts search thousands of wreckers to find a specific part which is no longer in production for their vintage cars. Our trained staff will ensure we take any functioning or repairable part from your car and put it on the market to help the classics live on.

You Get the Best Deal

We know there are companies who will take advantage of the fact that you have no further use for your car in its current condition. At Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal, we assess the value of your vehicle based on its worth, no matter the make or age. We are an authentic car wrecker who can guarantee to treat you fairly and give you the best deal possible.