Rows of cars, 4WDs, vans and other vehicles half stipped for parts in wrecking yard.

Looking For Car Wreckers near Me?

When looking for a car wrecker near you, there are normally 2 reasons for this.

  1. You need to get rid of a vehicle, and selling to the wreckers is an  option you are considering; OR
  2. You are looking for spare parts.

If you own a car that is already out of production, you can attest that it can be quite hard to get genuine and affordable parts. The good news is that you do not have to spend a lot of money to get that quality accessory. All you have to do is search for car wreckers near me.

As Newcastle wreckers we buy old cars that are either running or not running that still have some quality parts and remove these parts before we wreck the rest of the car. We ensure that the parts are in top shape which assures you that they are usable. The prices are quite affordable and will be usable for years to come.

As Car Wreckers Near You We Provide:

  • Best Local Car Removal Services

With our wrecking yard in Newcastle we provide a car removal service where we pay cash for cars and remove them free. With our fleet of tow trucks and industry connections we service all of Newcastle, Hunter region, Central Coast and all suburbs in between and around.

  • Parts For A Wide Range Of Vehicles

We understand that there are different types of cars in the market and by this; we ensure that you can get basic car parts and accessories for a wide range of vehicles with us. This is through buying different types of old cars.

Whether you have Ford, Toyota, a bus or a van that you need genuine parts for, just by searching for car wreckers near me, you will find us – Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal as your most trusted and well stocked option.

  • Rock Bottom Prices for Spare Parts

Who wouldn’t like to save some money? Check for the car wreckers near me, you will be getting genuine parts at rock bottom prices. With this option, your car will not be grounded because of budget constraints. The cost of defective parts will not lead you to using public means.

  • All Types of Accessories at Affordable Costs

It is all about saving and getting quality accessories. At Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal, you get accessories such as top bars, font bull bars and mag wheels among many others at a pocket friendly price.

Searching for car parts and accessories for cars that are already out of production can be stressful but this does not have to be. Dealing with a variety of cars, at Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal, we do our best to give you the most genuine parts at affordable prices.

Most of those that have checked for car wreckers near me can attest to it that it has been easy to get the desired car accessories with us. Your car will no longer give your problems due to some defective parts.