How to Get Top Cash for a Scrap Toyota

Toyota has built a reputation over decades for being one of the most reliable auto manufacturers in the world. The Japanese company has manufactured well over two million vehicles since its inception in 1937 and it’s a significant player amongst global car makers. However, like all vehicles, Toyota’s eventually reach the end of their line and must be retired.

That doesn’t mean the value spirals to zero. You can still get money for your scrap car!

Here are some tips on how to negotiate top cash for a scrap Toyota

1. Search for Local Car Removal Companies

Now that you have decided to sell your old Toyota, your first move should be a thorough search for potential buyers. The simplest way to offload your vehicle quickly is utilising the services of a local car removal company.

A web search is a quick and easy way to find a list of relevant businesses, along with their services, customer reviews and contact information. If you are in the Newcastle area, we are one of the most experienced and professional firms who offer top cash for a scrap Toyotas.

2. Collect Information on Your Scrap Toyota

Your quote will be based on the information you provide to the company, so ensure your details are accurate. For example, you will need to know the age and model of your Toyota. If you are unsure, some popular options include the Toyota Yaris, Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Aurion, Toyota Rav4, Toyota Kluger, Toyota Prado, Toyota Hilux, Toyota Land cruiser, and Toyota Celica. Common vans include the Toyota Coaster, Toyota Hiace, or Toyota Dyna.

Next, take a reading from the odometer and make a critical assessment of the condition of the vehicle in general. Questions to consider include: Are the accessories still in good shape? Is there any visible damage? If yes, what kind of damage and where?

Providing detailed information will ensure the company can give an accurate quote and you can negotiate more confidently.

3. Narrow Down Your Options

From your list, make some calls and filter the options based on customer service, reputation and quote. Be careful to make sure the quote takes into account the collection and towing of your vehicle, which can sometimes be an added cost or deducted from the quote. Read reviews and take note of how helpful the staff on the phone are, as this will indicate how easy they will be to deal with.

Newcastle Top Cash for Car Removal will pay up to $11,999 and we guarantee free towing for clients within the Newcastle, Maitland, Hunter and Central Coast regions. More importantly, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and do what we can to make the whole process easy for you.

4. Make Your Car as Valuable as Economically Viable

Whilst your car is worth money to us regardless of its condition, there is no doubt that any car removal company will pay more for a car that is running. If you have some know-how, make some small repairs where you can to get your vehicle in the best condition possible. Most car removal companies will pay more money for a scrap Toyota that is operable than a stationary one.

5. Close the Deal With Cash in Your Hands

Once you have gone through the above steps and agreed on the sale amount, close the deal with the money paid, in cash, direct to you on removal. Don’t settle for waiting for a cheque in the mail or having to make countless calls chasing after payments.

When you engage with Newcastle Top Cash Car Removals, we pay you instant cash for your scrap Toyota and you’ll have the money in your hands even before the vehicle is removed.